What you will need:
  Tape measure
  Pad of paper
  A Copy of Triplast Order Form
  For A Replacement Countertop:
  Measure your countertop dimensions – Depth & Width
  Note the shape – Straights, L-Shapes, U-Shapes, Irregular

Note the style of the edges:

  • Front – 90° No drip edge, 180° Roll, 1½” Square edge
  • Back – Post Formed (4” or 3”), Flat Roll, Clean Cut, 180°Roll, 1½” Square edge
  Copy your measurements onto the Triplast Order Form
  Note the required laminate product number and colour
  For A New Countertop:
  Draw the counter top on the Triplast Order Form
  Measure the dimensions of the space where the counter top will be positioned, note on drawing
  Draw in any obstructions such as radiators, pipes or plumbing that cannot be moved
  Using the Drawing Terms and Symbols indicate the type of countertop and required dimensions
  Review the Order Form Information Page
  Complete the Order Form
  How to Order
  Sample Colours
  Countertop Designs
  Terms & Symbols
  How to Measure
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