Measure the wall directly behind the existing countertop or new cabinets.
  Use our Order form to write down measurements; please use one form for each colour and style.
  Select the appropriate diagram on the order form and write your measurements in the spaces provided. Check that all sizes are specified.
  Place vanity, kitchen and square tops on separate forms; using the appropriate term as indicated under the Order Form section.
  If the shape of the counter top is unusual, please bring in a template.
  Make sure that the counter top will fit through doorways, hallways, staircases, etc.

Orders are accepted by fax, email or in person.

  Depth is measure front to back
  Width is measured left to right
  Backsplash height is measured from surface of countertop - refer to cross sections
  Additional Notes and Suggestions:
  - If the counter top is not “standard”, note all of the differences on the Order Form
  - Indicate length of tops in inches only, i.e., 87” not 7’3”

90° No drip edge front, rear post formed countertops standard measurements:

  • Kitchen countertop depth is 25”
  • Vanity countertop depth is 23”
  • Bar countertop depth is 27½”
  • Backsplashes are 4” high (measured from the top of the counter).

- Always Indicate depth of countertop: e.g., 25” or 23”

  - Do not forget to indicate your choice of colour.
  - When ordering more than one colour at the same time, do not place everything on the same order form.
  - Use one Order Form for each colour.
  - When ordering more than on type of top at the same time (i.e., vanity top kitchen top), do not place everything on the same order form. Use one Order Form for each type.
  - On L-shapes show the depth on both sides of the L-shape drawing.
  - Indicate special sizes by circling or highlighting the measurement.
  - Finished end caps are 1½”, unless otherwise mentioned.
  - If rounded corners are required, indicate radius by the inch in a footnote - i.e., 2” radius and draw in the curve.
  - For boxes and special cut-outs, bring a template of the top.  Out of “Square” counters, also require a template. 
  - Show the length and width of the cut-outs.
  - We suggest a counter top have a 1” overhang on each side when sitting on a cabinet (remember this when ordering).
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